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Dr. Niall O’Keeffe

Chief Executive for Economic Development, St Helena Island


Former MBA and DBA Student

Connell Fanning

For a number of years I had the good fortune to study with Connell. The innovative system of adult mental development he has created helps to bring about a new awareness, clarity and a framework that enhances effectiveness in any professional environment. I would urge any executive wanting to operate at a higher level to participate in a Keynes Centre Programme.

Marian O'Gorman

CEO, Kilkenny Group

Consultancy Client

Connell Fanning

"Connell told me that the culture is within me and has helped me articulate it. I have become aware of how my mind works and the need to use my mind in different ways depending on the situation. These days I am not in the trenches as much as I always seek out new perspectives. I recognise when we need to be innovative and abandon the status quo, and above all, I have more honest and direct conversations with my people."

Dr. Dave Kirwan

Chief Operating Office of Bord Gais Energy

Former MBA and DBA Student

Connell Fanning

"Connell’s method of teaching, delivery and resultant conversation opened windows of understanding that expanded upon my previous professional experience. It allowed me consider myself, my place, my perspective. He provides a bridge between source thinkers and key areas of interest to business leaders. I don’t know if this is unique but I have not seen or heard of content so diverse and concentrated toward business leadership insight."

Paul Tollmanm

Head of Global Business Strategies, Idomo Personalized Videos

Former Co-Lecturer in the Executive MBA Programme at UCC

Connell Fanning

"We co-developed a post-graduate course in Leadership for Executives and there I discovered that Connell is not only a distinguished economist, academic and researcher, but that he also has the courage, vision and practical attributes of a leader and make-it-happen entrepreneur. He is also an original and innovative thinker. His sessions are workshops more than lectures, where he engages every person in the room, challenging them to think in new ways about their worlds and themselves."

Liz Dunphy


The Keynes Centre Book Club Participant

Connell Fanning

I found Connell’s insights into leadership thought provoking and empowering - they made me question how I was functioning in my everyday professional life, and allowed me to see how I could improve my performance.

Kevin Twomey

Chief Solutions Architect, Global Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Dell Technologies

MBA student

Through Transformative Thinking, Connell led me to re-examine material, not just interpret information at face-value, and question more. I learnt how to ask questions and challenge ideas and also became more aware of my thoughts.

 “Thanks to Connell’s method, I began to consider more the person who is delivering the message and the ‘why’ behind it. I would step out of a day of work, stand back and think about things a bit more.”

Colman Kirby 

 Director, Global Support Center, Dell Technologies

MBA student

Connell showed me the importance of actually using a theory to understand something. His choice of theorists was also interesting as they brought different viewpoints: Michael Porter showed me how to think; Edith Penrose made me deconstruct everything; reading Hannah Arendt made me realize that thoughtlessness is something that resonates with me all the time and that I should not fear the judgements I make. It impressed me that academic theories could be so useful.

Donal Downey 

 Sr. Director, Global External Manufacturing, Dell Technologies

MBA student

Connell taught me that the thought process used to tackle a situation is key. Everything I do in work now is thoroughly thought out. I go through Edith Penrose’s theories and sit back for a second and think about it – my decisions are framed differently in my head now. This unique method of thinking changed how I make decisions.

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