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I'm currently director of The Keynes Centre at University College Cork (UCC).

I was Professor of Economics and Head of the School of Economics at UCC for 30 years. I taught from undergraduate level to postgraduate MBA, PhD and DBA (Business Economics) and led changes to the curriculum of the department's offerings. Also, I have undertaken multiple consultancy projects for businesses and public agencies.

These experiences have led me to develop an innovative approach Transformative Thinking to creatively challenge and support people’s mind development.


In 2014 I founded The Keynes Research Centre to bring this approach outside of academia and offer a new way of delivering personal professional transformation and organisational development for individuals and companies.

Connell Fanning


2021: A new approach to leadership


In a ground-breaking new book, Connell Fanning and Assumpta O’Kane invite people working in organisations to press the re-start button and begin to develop their capability for leadership by looking afresh at themselves and their roles.

The key to their approach is ‘The Leadership Mind’ – a person who chooses to continually grow through personal transformation, enabling them to operate at greater uncertainty and complexity and better able to deal with the business, social, and political challenges of today.

This approach establishes a fundamental distinction between leadership and management, ending the confusion of thinking facing practitioners about leadership coming from so-called “thought leaders”.

The book provides a sustainable and workable concept for practitioners to use in their thinking and practice about leadership.


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