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It's not what you think, it's how you think that makes all the difference.


A new approach to leadership and leadership development.


In a ground-breaking new book, Connell Fanning and Assumpta O’Kane invite people working in organisations to press the re-start button and begin to develop their capability for leadership by looking afresh at themselves and their roles.

The key to their approach is 'The Leadership Mind' – a person who chooses to continually grow through personal transformation, enabling them to better operate at the increasing uncertainty and complexity of the world and able to deal more effectively with the business, social, and political challenges of today.

This approach establishes a fundamental distinction between leadership and management and ends the confusion facing practitioners about 'leadership' created by the so-called "thought-leaders".

The book is based on thinking anew about the specific issue of ‘leadership’ in business organisations and provides a sustainable and workable concept for practitioners to use in their thinking and practice about leadership.

Our two breakthrough ideas about 'Leadership' and 'The Leadership Mind' finally provides practitioners with clarity about 'leadership' and an effective approach for leadership development in all kinds of organisations.

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The Keynes Centre at University College Cork (UCC) was founded in 2014 as my way of bringing the innovative approach of Transformative Thinking, inspired by the ideas of John Maynard Keynes about thinking, to support people in continuing development of their meaning and truth making capabilities throughout adulthood. 


The Keynes Centre is a pioneer internationally in providing evidence-based experiences for supporting personal transformation and professional and organisational development for individuals and companies.

On the basis of our innovative thinking about 'leadership', redefining and championing its importance for better living and working, we created 'The Leadership Mind' to provide an accessible developmental framework for people in all walks of life and for all kinds of organisations.

This innovative approach to development is the subject of our forthcoming book, The Leadership Mind (2022). 


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The Assumptive Dive

Reading for Transformation Experiences Book Circle

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The General Theory of Profit Equilibrium

John Maynard Keynes E-Book


Connell Fanning
Dr. Niall O'Keeffee

Chief Executive for Econ. Dev., St. Helena Island

The innovative system of adult mental development he has created helps to bring about a new awareness clarity and a framework that enhances effectiveness...

Connell Fanning
Marian O'Gorman

CEO, Kilkenny Group

"Connell told me that the culture is within me and has helped me articulate it. I have become aware of how my mind works and the need to use my mind in different ways...

Connell Fanning
Dr. Dave Kirwan

Managing Director, Bord Gais Energy Ltd

"Connell's method of teaching, delivery and resultant conversation opened windows of understanding that expanded upon my previous professional experience...


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