I began consultancy work because I believed that it is a way for academic economists who have little experience outside of academia to expand their range of capabilities. It’s a way of immersing ourselves in the practical realities of business and public policy making and I saw this as important for myself.

For 30 years I have provided executive teams strategic guidance in managing and leading change within their organisations. I have undertaken consultancy projects for businesses, NGOs and public agencies in Ireland and abroad, including The Kilkenny Group, Cork Deaf Enterprises, the European Commission, the Economic and Social Research Institute Dublin, and so forth.

I have strong links with the business and external community. I have contributed to local and national Print, T.V. and Radio media on economic affairs, and made presentations to a large range of public forums, conferences and seminars on a wide range of subjects in Economics and business affairs. Some of my past talks include:


The Crisis of Leadership - Breakfast Briefing Series - Morgan McKinley Ireland - 2016

Why Should Richard Cantillon (1755) Matter Today? - Cantillon Forum - The Natial Forum for Entrepreneurship -  IT Tralee - 2015

Clusters within a Theory of Economic Development and Economic Progress - 61st International Atlantic Economic Society Conference Berlin - 2006

Worker Cooperatives: A Survey of Non-Viability Hypothesis - The Economic and Social Research Institute Dublin -1983

Does Entrepreneurship Preclude Worker Cooperatives? Labour-Management, Entrepreneurship, and the Austrian Perspective

- The Economic and Social Research Institute Dublin -1982